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Protect and Restore

John Muir, Teddy Roosevelt, Ansel Adams, and countless others have marveled at the beauty and majesty of the Central Sierras. Abraham Lincoln understood the importance of maintaining the Yosemite. The first region recognized by the federal government as having national importance. Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and so many other iconic places that people travel from all over the globe to enjoy are but a small part of the Central Sierra.   The national forests and wilderness areas within the Central Sierra are some of the most used public lands in the nation.  The desire to protect and restore these lands for the use and enjoyment of future generations should be in all of us.  

Reconnect and Sustain

From the National Wild and Scenic Merced and Kings Rivers to the hardest working and most endangered San Joaquin River, and all the rivers draining from the majestic Sierra Nevada to the Tulare Lake basin or ultimately the Pacific Ocean, need the vision and support of those who can see past immediate or temporal gain and reconnect to and sustain these natural treasures.

Chapter 279 of Trout Unlimited

Local conservation and sportsmans groups have been working to protect, restore, reconnect, and sustain the Central Sierra for many years.  On August 25, 2014, Chapter No. 279, the Central Sierra Chapter of Trout Unlimited was established; a group of fishermen and women and outdoor enthusiasts with the desire to join in those efforts.  To work alongside these groups to ensure that present and future generations will enjoy the benefits of healthy rivers, lakes, and watersheds. This is the work of the Central Sierra Chapter of TU, along with Trout Unlimited and our partners.  

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